Imperium Pubs and Hospitality

Imperium Pubs and Hospitality Epos and Back Office Solutions

Imperium Pubs and Hospitality is split into two distinct areas of operation, Imperium Back Office - consisting of your web based management tools (and much more) and Imperium Epos - the 'bar and restaurant' terminal.

Our Pubs and Hospitality systems come with built in table booking, split tabs and much mich more.

Imperium Back Office (Pubs and Hospitality) Go to Imperium Epos

About Imperium Back Office

Imperium Back Office is the engine of the system and contains a huge array of functions all designed to aid in the process of improving profitability. 

Access to Imperium Management is directly from any web browser you choose. So as long as you have an internet connectiion it is available from literally anywhere.
The system itself is split into several easy to operate menus, for example, System Settings, Management Reporting operations, Dashboard and much more.

Find out more about Epos

An Affordable Solution

Complete Epos system including Imperium Back Office,Touchscreen Terminal with Imperium Epos preloaded, Printer, Till Drawer and all cabling and Power Supplies


Plus £100 pcm for support and hosting



Cloud based Software
Operate from any browser
Real Time operation
Best Sellers
Worst Sellers
User Analysis
Site Analysis
Crystal Reports
System Settings
Account Sales
Customer Analysis
Grows with your business

User Accountability?

Track all site transactions by user, facilitating total user accountability.

Growing Business?

If you are opening a new site simply order the terminals, plug in and start trading.
For multiple operators we have even built in a clone facility so you can instantly apply products to your new site.

7 Great new Themes

We have developed 7 great themes for you to individualise your system.

Your favourite KPI's

We will report on turnover, profit, profit margin, sell out rates, weeks cover, last 35 days sales and much more...
  • Real Time - up to date every second of every day

    Our Real Time solutions allow the user to have instantly accurate data. As sales are made the transactions are instantly recorded so any user analysing information can be sure that they are examining up to the second information. No more waiting to update systems - they are always up to date..
  • Accurate information on the move

    With the Imperium Back Office dashboard you can keep track of your business even when you are not on site. Keep up to date with your sales and profit via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Just log in as normal and watch your information in Real Time
    Choose to analyse by Time period, Staff Member, Department, Category etc.

  • Total Stock Control

    Achieve TOTAL Stock Control

    Every transaction, whether sale, stock receipt or stock transfer instantly increments or decrements you stock position. You are able to view your stock quantity, cost and retail values instantly and accurately, allowing you to make better more informed decisions. Access your stock by department,category supplier or brand and determine the products that are over and under performing and take immediate action.

    A host of reporting facilities are also available to highlight best sellers, worst sellers, sell out rates, cover, profit margin, profit and much more. For the multiple operators you are even able to filter by site type, site region or individual site and with every transaction recorded by user you are able to track who did what and when throughout your business.

  • User Access Controls

    Imperium Back Office comes with embedded security The administrators can set up security groups with varying levels of access (by site, site group and functionality for example).
    Individual users can then be added to these security groups. This allows any number of different access rights to be set up that is individual to your business. Furthermore, all information to and from our servers is encrypted to absolutely guarantee data security.
  • Crystal Reports

    Imperium Back Office comes embedded with Crystal Reports, providing crisp, clear and accurate reporting facilities. Users are spoilt with choice when it comes to reporting within Imperium Back Office, whether Stock reports, Sales reports or Best Sellers (to name just a few).
    Furthermore, you are able to capture your reports using your favourite formats, such as PDF, Excel Word etc.

Imperium Epos (Pubs and Hospitality) Go to Imperium Back Office

About Imperium Epos

Imperium Epos is a fully functional real time Epos system that integrates seamlessly with Imperium Back Office.

Imperium Epos consists of an all in one 'beer proof' touchscreen terminal with additional peripherals as required. A variety of hardware options are available to suit your budget

As you will see below Imperium Epos has a host of in-built features and also has the ability (based on user roles and permissions) to access the Imperium Back Office. suite of software for extended functionality. A real bonus for the likes of area and district managers on the move.

An Affordable Solution

Complete Epos system including Imperium Back Office,Touchscreen Terminal with Imperium Epos preloaded, Printer, Till Drawer and all cabling and Power Supplies


Plus £100 pcm for support and hosting



Huge array of functionality
Dallas key entry
Real Time operation
Tabs and Split Tabs
Instant product updates
Intuitive and fast software
Excellent value for money
Full support
Grows with your business
Free Updates
Staff Access Rights
Inter Branch Transfers
Company Stock Lookup
Simplified Stocktaking
Easy Cash Reconciliation
Fast Throughput
Complete Audit Trail

Account Customers

The perfect functionality for events, whereby sales can be allocated to an individual account ansd settled up at the end of the event.

Easy Stocktaking

Simply create a 'snapshot' of your stock and you are able to continue trading whilst stocktaking. Our systems will automatically account for stock sold in between.

Growing Business?

If you are opening a new site simply order the terminals, plug in and start trading.
  • Quality Hardware

    All of our hardware has been tried and tested and has been developed to operate in a busy pub or restaurant environment.
    Our most popular terminal is the all in one touchsreen terminal displayed opposite, but we are able to source a variety of options, we can even add colour co-ordinated terminals to match your corporate theme if required.
    All our touchscreen terminals are robust and 'beer proof' and come with a one year warranty (as does all our hardware).

  • Table Allocation and Split Tabs

    Imperium Epos comes with built in table allocation. Simply claim a table for a customer and add items to the table. Further items can be added to the table as required and when it's time to pay either allocate the complete tab for payment or choose the simple to use 'Split Tab' function which allows the contents of the tab to be split between multiple payees. user to allocate

  • User Permissions

    Imperium Epos has a built in user lock down, so you can configure your system to allow only certain users to access some of the features. For example you may only want supervisors and managers to perform refunds and cash reconciliations.
    You can ultimately choose the user and their level of functionality within the system. Furthermore, each transaction is audited at Imperium Back Office level so you are always able to report on who did what and when.
  • Always up to date

    Because every transaction is updated immediately to your cloud database, everything is always up to date allowing stores to check stock in other sites in the knowledge it is 100% accurate. Furthermore if new product lines are added these are immediately available for stock receipt at any of the terminals.
    Real time functionality also allows stock transfers to be instantly available as well as the likes of deposits and gift vouchers being instantly redeemable from any of your sites.
    Polling truly is a thing of the past. Shop
  • Huge Functionality

    Although Imperium Epos has been designed to be easy to use, it is still extremely powerful with a huge array of functionality. Virtually every transaction type is accounted for along with easy to use specialist functions, such as inter branch transfers, stock receipts stock look up, sales reporting, cash reconciliation, customer allocation and much more.
    What's more all these functions can be limited by user permissions